Q: Do you still keep in touch with Wentworth Miller?

SWC: We’ve lost touch over the years, I think. I don’t live in Los Angeles anymore so it’s difficult. But I’ve kept tabs on him and I think he’s done some brilliant work with his writing career. I wept I was so happy for him the day he came out. That was something that requires a tremendous amount of courage. I am so proud of him. I’m happy for him. That’s got to be one heck of a struggle to go from being the guy on the cover of everything, this enormous international sex symbol, to having the courage to stand up and say, “This is who I am and this is who I’m going to be and I’m going to be that publically.” I think the courage of that example probably saved more than a few lives for young men and young women around the world. And I’m proud to have worked with him. (SOURCE)